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Lagoinha Beach

Half-moon shaped Lagoinha Beach is a stunning beach that was once a favorite hiding place for pirates. It has a reputation as being the most beautiful beach in the state and its good looks are intensified by its tranquility, being far enough away from Fortaleza to escape the crowds.

These days, Lagoinha is home to a small fishing community. Tours by buggy, on horseback or on a jangada (sail boat) can also be arranged here. Alternatively, sit and take in the beach’s gentle curve, which is dotted with coconut palms and sand dunes. Beyond the palm trees you’ll also find streams and a freshwater lagoon.

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Sentier de Lagoinha do Leste

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  • Lieu : Florianópolis, Brésil
  • Durée : 7 heures
  • Langue : Anglais
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