Krishna Temple (Krishna Mandir) Excursions

One of the most spectacular architectural features of Durbar Square in the town of Patan is the eight-sided Krishna Mandir Temple. Built in 1637 by King Siddhinarsingh Malla, the sikhara-style temple features 21 golden pinnacles towering above the three-floor main structure. Each floor enshrines a different Hindu god: Krishna in the first, Shiva in the second and Lokeshwor in the third.

While most Nepalese temples are made from brick and wood, this one was built from intricately carved stone. While non-Hindus aren’t permitted to enter the temple itself, the spectacular facade can still be enjoyed. Carved beams along the first floor of the building depict scenes from the Mahabharata, while the second floor beam displays scenes from the Ramayana.

Each autumn, the temple hosts a major festival in honor of Krishna’s birthday.

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While the temple survived the 2015 earthquake, some damage is currently being repaired, so you might find scaffolding over some of the facade.
Adresse : Patan, Nepal 44700, Népal
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