Malaga Aeronautical Museum (Museo Aeronautico de Malaga) Excursions

Whether you’re a fan of airports, airplanes, travel, or engineering, there’s lots to see and experience at Malaga’s Aeronautical Museum. Restored airplanes and historic aircraft are on display, along with extensive aviation information and history. More than 4,000 exhibits showcase the finer details of flying, from runways and mechanics to communications and safety. There’s also in depth information about the various people behind the planes, from pilots and engineers to air traffic controllers. A showroom interactively demonstrates the principles of physics and aerodynamics as they apply to flying.

The best part of the museum, however, is the opportunity to climb inside the cockpit of a plane — something not many travelers have the chance to do. A DC-9 aircraft is available for visitors to enter, as is the observatory in the historic air control tower. An enthusiasm for flying is present in each exhibit, and it’s a worthwhile addition to any visit to Malaga.

Practical Info

Malaga’s Aeronautical Museum is located in the former terminal of the city’s airport. It is closed on Mondays and is free to enter.
Adresse : Plaza Pierre George Latécoère, Avenida García Morato, Málaga 29004, Espagne
Horaires : Tues 10am–8pm, Wed-Sun 10am–2pm
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