Genghis Khan Statue Complex

Located some 54 kilometers outside Mongolia’s capital city, the Genghis Khan Statue Complex is home to the largest equestrian statue in the world, and covered in 250 tons of steel. The iconic figure pays homage to the nation’s most famous ruler and is surrounded by 36 impressive columns that represent each of the Khaans who once called Mongolia home.

Travelers who venture to this must-see destination can take an elevator to the top of the back of the horse, stroll along a pathway that leads to the horse’s head and marvel at some of the most impressive views outside the city limits. Some 200 gers—the traditional circular houses nomadic people live in—dot the statue complex. Visitors can learn about local lifestyles, traditions and culture as they wander through the homes.

Tourists can venture to the complex on their own, or as part of a tour that showcases the history of Genghis Khan and the great nation of Mongolia.

Practical Info

The complex is located about 90 minutes outside of Ulaanbaatar. Visitors can hire a taxi from the city, or make the journey with one of the city’s local tour companies. Because much of the literature on site is not translated to English, a local guide can be helpful.
Adresse : Ulaanbaatar, Mongolie
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