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Local Market

Mars One, mai 2016

Walking through meat, fish, and veggie market

Athens food tour

Stephen B, mai 2016

Meat shop with hanging garden above. Athens food tour.

Delicatessen Shop

Isabel E, janvier 2016

Delicious Delicatessen shop

Fruit Vegetable Market

Isabel E, janvier 2016

Walk through Fruit and Vegetable Market

Meat market

Isabel E, janvier 2016

Walk through the meat market in Athens

Chicken Mpougatsa

James M, septembre 2014

This was the last stop on the tour. We had mpougatsas two ways. One was the traditional custard filled version and the other was a delicious chicken version. The filling is wrapped in several layers of phyllo dough.

Meat and Olive sample at Armenian Market

James M, septembre 2014

This is at an Armenian Meat market where we tried smoked olives (only place to get those) and a meat like pastrami. We also learned about how the meats are dried and cured.