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Participez à cette excursion d'une journée complète de plongée dans les sites magnifiques de Racha Noi et Racha Yai au départ de Phuket avec masque et tuba. Le transfert sera effectué depuis votre hôtel et nous vous conduirons pour une excursion en bateau sur les sites sélectionnés pour la journée. Le petit déjeuner est servi à bord avant de partir pour votre première sortie en plongée libre à Koh Racha Noi avec notre guide. Vous savourerez ensuite un déjeuner et une deuxième séance de plongée libre à Koh Racha Noi, suivi d'une collation à bord. Ensuite, vous profiterez d'une dernière séance de plongée libre à Koh Racha Yai avant de retourner à Phuket. Ces deux zones sont abritées et, avec nos horaires, protégées de la circulation en bateau sur les sites de plongée. Si vous préférez faire de la plongée par vous-même sans notre guide, c'est bien sûr possible.

Veuillez noter que le dimanche, nous avons normalement un ordre légèrement différent, Racha Yai tout d'abord, puis Racha Noi et Racha Yai à nouveau.

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, avr. 2018

I'm not sure what happened between the time of the other reviews and the time of my trip 22 April 2018, but my experience was not good at all.
It seemed as if the we were a second thought to the remainder of the people on the boat that were all there for a scuba diving experience. Everything we did revolved around the scuba divers. We had to all wait for the scuba divers to get off the boat before we could get into the water, we then had to get back on the boat before the scuba divers returned, leaving us with roughly 15 minutes of snorkeling at each location 3 locations. 2 of the 3 locations were not great for snorkeling as they focused on scuba divers experience.

In total we spent about 5 hours of traveling to have 45 minutes of snorkeling.

, mars 2018

Overall, I had a very good day - great and friendly crew, very good meals and nice snorkeling sites. A bit more detailed:

As others already mentioned, this is mainly a diving boat. There were only a few snorkelers on the boat. As a snorkeller you might therefore feel a little bit exluded from the group. This is definitely not the crews fault - they did a great job and looked after everyone very well. You just do not get that much in contact with the other passenger who are divers. Anyway, I did not consider this a real disadvantage I just thought it might be worth to mention it.

The meals on board were great. We fist got a warm breakfast, and lunch was delicious and freshly cooked I believe the best lunch I have ever got on comparable trips. Coffee and drinks were available all day long. On the way back they offered nice pancakes and cookies. The kitchen staff on board did a great job!

On the snorkelling sites, I would like to comment as follows I am not sure though if the boat stops at the same location every time or if they go to different sites on other days:
- Stop 1 and 2 each 50 minutes were at Koh Racha Noi. The boat stopped in a beautiful bay, and you can get into the water from the boat. There is no beach. These sites were beautiful however, the water was a little bit deep I think 5-6m which is not ideal for snorkelling. You still can see fishes and some nice corals. However, the variety and amount of corals is not as big as at other snorkeling sites that I have visited.
- Stop 3 Koh Racha Yai, again 50 minutes: This stop was great. A very beautiful, colourfol coral garden and the water was very shallow. Snorkelling was perfect here. One of the best snorkeling I have done arond Phuket. This site quite impressed me.

What is also worth to mention is that there are some informative cards / brochures on the boat about the type of corals, fishes,... you can see in this area. This was great as you also could learn some theory additionally to what you saw. The crew also did a great job in explaining things if you asked. Whats more, in the beginning they warned everyone to take care of the marine life, not to touch corals, and so on. I think this is very good as it is in all our interest that the corals are still there over the next decades.

, janv. 2018

Really enjoyed heading out on this tour. I'm a diver but chose to snorkel because I was with a non-diving friend, but still saw plenty of marine life. Dives one and three were in shallow water 2/3m with plenty of coral and small tropical fish, while the second dive went a bit deeper in search of manta rays and turtles which unfortunately we did not see, but some days are like that! The tour is run off a dive boat, so everyone on board, including the instructors, the crew and even most of the other divers and snorkelers are experienced and knowledgeable. It also means you spend the bulk of your time in the water, which I enjoyed considerably more than other tours where you get caught up visiting tourist traps. There wasn't a huge number of people diving, which made for a much better experience in and out of the water. Boat was very comfortable with plenty of food, drinks and places to sit and rest. Can absolutely recommend.

, janv. 2018

This tour was amazing!

, déc. 2017

I'd give this tour 5 stars but I was unable to dive, not the tour's fault but a medical condition I have so I can't comment on the dive component.
The staff were GREAT friendly helpful and always happy and smiling.
Take their advice, if you get anyway sea sick at all TAKE THE PILL :
Fortunately I do not get sea sick but a few others did.

, sept. 2017

The trip was really well organised and professional. You get nearly three hours of solid snorkeling around some interesting spots. The majority of the group were there to scuba dive, which for me added to the trip. The food was good quality and plenty of it throughout the day. This is a trip I would do again. For those who don't normally expose your back to the sun, then I recommend you wear a t-shirt and make certain you have sun cream on the backs of your legs.

, août 2017

Ok, so where to start?

Before booking onto this tour I would suggest you seriously consider if you want to spend an entire day doing this? My girlfriend and I have never done any diving before and thought this looked good. On reflection we certainly didn't need an entire day. We were picked up about 6:30AM and didn't get back to the hotel until 6PM and were exhausted.

Be careful where the transfers actually pick up from. Our hotel was outside of the area they offer for free and had to pay another 20/30 when we were there for a pick up.

The staff are amazing, very helpful, great English, knowledgeable about the area and different types of fish. I'm not a strong swimmer but felt confident and safe in the water.

Our trip consisted of a 3 hour boat ride to the fist bay. On a nice calm day this would have been amazing but on our day we were hit with a serious downfall of rain and very choppy seas which resulted in at least 50 if not more of the group being sick. The boat is big and there were probably around 40 people diving that day but you're split into groups of around 6/8. The 3 hour ride out there with the waves, rain and sickness was awful. I honestly sat there regretting the entire booking BUT once we got into the bay the water was calmer and we went for a snorkel. It really was amazing. We were probably swimming around for about half an hour, saw tons of fish and coral and by this point the weather was much better. In August we found it rained some mornings and most nights but rest of the day was always fine.

After our 30 minute swim and snorkel we hopped back onto the boat for a 10 minute trip to another bay. Did the same thing, jumped out, saw some cool stuff and got back in. They served lunch which helped my sea sickness tablet go down well they provide these and I recommend it and we then went off to another bay about an hour away, this was on the way back so breaks up the journey home. 3rd bay was amazing too and we enjoyed another swim.

Most people slept on the way back and we were done. A long transfer home and that was our day diving. The review probably reads negatively but I've given it 4 stars. Honestly, the morning was grim but thats no fault of the tour companies. When I was sick off the side of the boat one of the instructors was there patting my back and giving me tissues - they were great. My girlfriend and I laugh about the sickness and choppy crossing now and actually, seeing all of the fish and getting to know people in your group and your instructor makes it totally worth it.

, juil. 2017

This is not a snorkelling tour, it's a diving tour.. just a few snorkellers were added to the scuba divers' group and their needs were completely ignored.. I've been on a few snorkelling trips in the past and this tour was very disappointing: might be worthwhile also to mention that it was a complete chaos on the way back as we had a huge problem finding our minibus to get a lift back to hotel..

, juil. 2017

This activity was amazing. Excellent food. One on one instructor. The water was crystal clear. We would do it again.

, juin 2017

Great day out, fantastic team, very professional, one instructor for every 2-4 people, safety is a huge factor for this company, really impressed with how they made sure everyone was safe at all times. Food was excellent, I didnt have high expectations but it was really good and they catered for a few vegetarians as well. Everyone had a great day out

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