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Descendez dans l’enchantement gelé des grottes de glace d'Islande au cours d'une excursion d'une journée complète au départ de Reykjavik. Aux côtés de votre guide, vous passerez la journée au glacier Langjökull et explorerez les labyrinthes glacés sous sa surface. Au plus profond de la grotte de glace, vous pourrez admirer fjords et cascades tout en profitant d’explications riches en informations géologiques. Rendez-vous ensuite à la vallée de Borgarfjörður et émerveillez-vous de la beauté des cascades Hraunfossar, sculptées par les éruptions volcaniques. Le transfert depuis et vers votre hôtel à Reykjavik est compris dans le prix.

Après un réveil matinal, prenez place à bord d'un véhicule qui vous emmène jusqu’au Langjökull, le deuxième plus grand glacier d'Islande. À votre arrivée au glacier, descendez sur la glace puis entamez votre descente dans l’atmosphère unique de la grotte de glace qui parcourt ses profondeurs.

À bord d’un véhicule spécialement conçu pour le glacier, vous parcourrez des tunnels de glace magiques jusqu'à une grotte de glace artificielle. Au cours du trajet, vous en apprendrez plus sur les effets du réchauffement climatique sur les grottes de glace et verrez la glace fondre et se transformer sous vos yeux.

Après en avoir appris un peu plus sur l’histoire et la géologie des grottes de glace, gagnez la chaleur attrayante de l’hôtel Húsafell pour y déjeuner (à vos frais). Une fois rassasié, continuez jusqu'à la vallée de Borgarfjörður, célèbre pour ses terres agricoles fertiles et la beauté de ses paysages volcaniques, et visitez les magnifiques cascades Hraunfossar. Immortalisez ce symbole naturel, puis détendez-vous pendant le trajet de retour à votre hôtel à Reykjavik, où l’excursion se termine.


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, oct. 2017

We were picked up at 7.15 am and drove about an hour to a coffee stop before getting back on the bus for another hour. We had tablets that gave us info about various locations along the way, but our guide Daniel gave some background on other sites we passed. On arrival at base camp we were offered suits but we were advised that what we were wearing was fine other people needed waterproof boots and coats and took them. From there we rode an old NATO missile launcher to the glacier others from the group chose snowmobiling for an additional cost. The Ice cave itself was spectacular! The lighting throughout was outstanding and our guide ace was very good. After the cave we had some time about 15mins on the glacier. This was brilliant, nothing but snow/ice for miles. After we got back to base camp and picked up the snowmobilers we went for lunch. The lunch which wasn't included was disappointing. A buffet was basically a salad bar and dried out pizza slices. There is a picnic bench outside and i'd recommend bringing a packed lunch instead. After lunch we decided to add a trip to a lava cave, which i would recommend. If we hadn't included this we would have had about 2.5hrs in the swimming pool which was included in the price. After this we went to see a waterfall which was beautiful and then commenced our journey home. i would like to add that I have seen some comments saying the guides weren't great and they were just handed the tablet. this was not the case for us! We had a fabulous guide in Daniel, who came to the lava cave with us too and sang in the ice cave to demonstrate the acoustics!

, août 2017

The Ice Cave was an impressive experience. Well worth the time to do. I had a problem with our tour operator, though. The transportation from Reykjavik to the glacier was not by the same company that did the tour. They also transported another group that had a different package and we spent hours of time sitting in a van while they did another tour. This was not clear on the sales literature and those of us left on the bus felt we had been deceived about the travel arrangements. Losing half a day of time on an expensive vacation in Iceland was not acceptable.

, août 2017

This. Was. Amazing. This was my favorite trip in Iceland and it's really hard to pick out a favorite thing here as everything is so spectacular. We drove out to the Ice Cave first. On the way there is when you need your own headsets or ear plugs to use with the ipod they lend you. it gives you information along the way. When you get to the cave site, they have you suit up in a very warm one piece bunny suit that fits over your clothes, along with overboots to keep your shoes dry. You don't have to wear them but you will be soaked and freezing by the end of the 45 minutes in the cave if you pass this up. There is no extra charge to use the clothes. I still had on long underwear and my rain pants and rain jacket under it but I'm always cold. I also had my own gloves as they did not provide that. When you were suited up, they drove us on the glacier to the Ice cave in an old United Nations missle launcher with wifi when it's working. It looked like something straight out of Star Wars. there was another option to get to the cave via snowmobile but I really liked this vehicle that took us out. At the cave, you first walk through a large drain pipe and then through the cave. Our guide, Gilly, was wonderful and gave us a lot of information about how the cave was built and maintained and about glaciers in general. This is an otherworldly experience. When we were finished with the glacier/cave experience, we were driven to a nearby town for lunch and then on to beautiful Hraunfossar waterfall where we had about a half hour to walk around and take pictures and then a quick stop at an Icelandic horse farm don't call them ponies and back to Reykjavik. What a spectacular day. worth every penny.

, juil. 2017

The ice cave tour was fantastic. You ride a converted NATO missile launcher up to near the top of the huge glacier and then descend into another world. The guides were excellent. On the tour, we also learned that there was a separate tour of a lava cave and asked if we could go. The tour company was very obliging and we purchased tickets for the lava cave tour after lunch. The lava cave an enormous lava tube was perhaps even a more stunning experience than the ice cave, if only because the lava tube was naturally created and very nicely rehabilitated, if that's the right word, for tourists. It would be a great idea if Viator were to have an option to combine these two tours.

, mars 2017

This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The ice caves is a must see in Iceland.

, déc. 2016

Out of 4 tours this was least exciting but still good. We only did the ice cave not the lava cave too. What you are not told is that the company just transports you to the ice cave pick up location and then the ice cave people take over. They have a nice set up where you can use their snowsuits and boots if you want for free. Then you took a big bus for a few minutes due to some odd regulation and then got on the monster trucks. It was fun and the cave was cool. Our guide pieter was good. He sang us an Icelandic song in the chapel where they do marriages. Then you went back to base camp to meet up with the company that brought you. The problem is that some people go on to the lava cave. You are offered to upgrade for 80 isk a person. We did not. So the rest of the tour is killing time by going to eat lunch and then to a waterfall nearby. For us it was a blizzard which delayed everything so restaurant was closed and it was a bit precarious walking to the waterfall or staying out long. It was a pretty area to walk around. Then you picked up the lava cave people and went back. So all in all it was 12 hours of which all but 1.5 were driving. On way there you could listen to
Various info about things you passed on a tablet handed out. Some brought own headphones but they handed them out if needed. So driver had no interaction with us. And with all the driving it would have been nice to have that type of interaction. The ice cave was made just for tourists. Don't forget you see nothing in the dark and it is light 11-4. Plus in snowstorm it was low visibility. But this was also super cool in glacier felt like the north pole.

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